My Favorite Place!


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My favorite place!!! RED ROBIN!!!! We went here one night. We got a mini tower of onion rings. I got their new drink Poppin Purple Lemonade, WHICH WAS AMAZING!!!!! It has pear juice in it! I also got the Guacamole Bacon Cheeseburger with american cheese. Shelton got the Sauteed ‘Shroom Burger.

I am almost never disappointed when I got to Red Robin. It really is one of my favorite restaurants because of the CHEESEBURGERRRRRSSSSSSSSS!!!


Funny Story Behind A Happy Birthday!



Back Story: The main focus of this plate of food was the meatballs because me, Shey and Shelton were on our way to my best friend Ashley’s baby shower. We were talking about something when Shey randomly shouts “I HOPE THEY HAVE MEATBALLS!!!!!” It was so funny and random.

This plate is from Kevin’s 50th birthday party. We went to celebrate. There was a lot of food and we had a good time :).

Looks and Sounds Better than it is.



I made a Parmesan Chicken Legs with green beans, spanish rice and black beans. The Green Beans and Spanish Rice and beans were good, the chicken was alright. I’m not a big fan of parmesan cheese but the ingredients mixed in the breading SOUNDED like it would be good. I was wrong. It wasn’t horrible but I most definitely won’t make it again. The cheese kind of dries out your mouth when you first bite into it so you have to hope the chicken isn’t dry. Luckily, the legs were not dry. But as always my sides were really good :). Dinner wasn’t completely ruined.

Impatient Friend Inspires Breakfast.



The previous morning, Shey was telling me how she decided to make eggs in a basket, but she ended up kind of scrabbling the eggs in the bread because the egg wasn’t fully cooked. This inspired me the next morning to make eggs in a basket, which is you cut a hole in bread and crack an egg into the hole on a pan and cook until the egg is done. It’s really easy and really filling for breakfast.




Seriously who doesn’t love kabobs? Vegetables and Meats on a stick? You can eat a million and not feel like you gained 600 pounds from all the “grease and bad stuff” in most food. (Don’t be fooled I really love grease and bad stuff). Chris made these. They were REALLLLLLLYYYYY good!!!

SO bad but SO good.



I know I shouldn’t eat fast food, HOWEVER, I was awake extra early one morning and I got the Double Crossainwich from Burger King. I have actually never had one because I usually get the bacon egg and cheese biscuit from BK or the sausage egg and cheese McGriddle from Mcds. This is almost as good as the Mcgriddle. I really like this because you can choose TWO, not one but TWO, meats. I chose sausage and ham. It’s really good, and I don’t care if it’s extremely bad for me and blah blah blah, if you haven’t noticed this isn’t a hippy organic fruit loop food blog.

End All Double Overtime by causing a Ruckus


IMG_8968 IMG_8970

One afternoon, Shey, Shelton, and I went to Ruckus Pizza Pasta and Spirits. Shey got the Double Overtime burger (top). I got the End All burger.

The double overtime burger: Two 8 oz. Patties, 4 slices of bacon, 4 slices of cheese, lettuce, mayo, onions, pickles and tomato. They failed to mention the garlic knot in the description, but that is what is on top of the burger.

The end all burger: 1/2 Pound of Angus sirloin, Vermont cheddar, applewood bacon on a toasted kaiser, served with lettuce, tomato, onion and a pickle.

Really good, I haven’t gotten a chance to go back, but one day I will, and I will get the double overtime burger because who can resist 2 patties with 4 slices of bacon?